What is Project Unclaimed?

Project Unclaimed is the result of an independent learning contract in the computer sciences. The goal of the project is to return as much unclaimed property as possible to its rightful owners using automated techniques.

Unclaimed property is property that has been turned over to the government by companies who cannot get in contact with its owner. This property can be cashier's checks, savings accounts, refunds, pensions, stock dividends, and much more. To search for unclaimed property in the state of California, click here to go to the official government website (or just Google "California Unclaimed Property Search").

From Wikipedia:
"Unclaimed Property laws in the United States provide for two reporting periods each year whereby unclaimed bank accounts, stocks, insurance proceeds, utility deposits, un-cashed checks and other forms of 'personal property' are reported first to the individual state's Unclaimed Property Office, then published in a local newspaper and then finally the property is turned over to the State for safe keeping until its rightful owner makes a claim. The states sponsor a free public site that reports only a portion of the unclaimed property available in the United States. There are commercial sites as well that provide the same information or portions of the information for a fee. Some consumer reporting sites that conduct the research and assist consumers will do so without charge or expense to the consumers."

As you can see, not much is done by companies or the government to return this property. There are some for-profit companies out there that contact people, let them know they have unclaimed property, then make the owner sign a contract to give the company a percent if the company tells them how to get it. Project Unclaimed is a project designed to inform and help everyday people reclaim property. I've written computer programs to grab data from these government websites, get contact information for the property owners I've found, then call these people and let them know of the property.

Unclaimed Property Data

This information is taken from a section of data (1 out of every 1,000 unclaimed properties) I harvested from the California Unclaimed Property database

The Average Unclaimed Property Value is $145

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Top 10 Highest Average Amount Owed Property Types

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